SHAREit APK Download for Android, iPhone and PC

How many of you still remember those old golden days when the mobile phones have become our companion for the very first time. That long wait for getting our favorite videos and music from other’s phones was the first thing that comes to my mind while thinking about that time. With the Infrared and Bluetooth features available in those phones, we shared our files taking hours of wait for sometimes. But with the development of technology the mobile phones have become “smart”. Now they provide us with extremely high-speed data transfer between our devices. It is the release of apps like SHAREit APK that provided acceleration for this process. This is an extremely good app that can be used not only in the smartphones but also on your PCs as well. It is the dedicated version of the SHAREit for PC that comes to the help of the users for this purpose.

We can now find thousands of file sharing apps for our smartphones in the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes Store for Apple. Selection of the best app among them is a very tough task for most of the users. Each of those apps has their own benefits and drawbacks as well. Our expert team had gone through the different features of all the major file sharing apps and come up with the conclusion that the SHAREit download can provide the users with maximum benefits than any other apps. We don’t want any of our readers to miss this app. So, we are providing all the details of this amazing app here. It includes the SHAREit APK features, steps for SHAREit APK download and much more. So, let us start learning more about the best file sharing app available for all your smartphones and PC.

Features of SHAREit App for Android and iPhones

When we define any app to be the best of its category, it should come with some extremely good features that make it capable for this position. In the case of the SHAREit App also, you can find a lot of good features that make it unique among the file sharing apps.

1. High-Speed Data Transfer 

Being a file sharing app, the main expectation of the users about this app is good file sharing speeds. The SHAREit for iPhone and Android are performing in this section in a much better way than the user’s expectation. It claims to have transfer speeds which are up to 200 times faster than the traditional Bluetooth option in our smartphones. This is the major highlight of this app that forces the users to proceed with the SHAREit App Download.The another alternative for this is zapya.

2. Group Sharing 

This is an amazing feature that can be a very time-saving option for the users. The latest SHAREit App version can support file sharing with up to 5 users. So, there is no requirement to wait for your turn while your friend is sharing your favorite movie or music. You can all enjoy it in a single turn and that makes the SHAREit download the perfect choice for your smartphones.

3. No Limit of File Size

Unlike the traditional ways of file sharing, the SHAREit APK for Android and other devices allows the transfer of files of any size. Making use of this feature, users are now even sharing the movies at HD quality to other devices with ease.

4. Supports Transfer of Multiple File Types

In most cases, people use file sharing apps to share the media files like movies, music, images etc. Along with the support to these file types the SHAREit APK Download can help the users to share almost all files types including Word, Excel, PDF, PPT etc. Another interesting part of this app is that it allows sharing of the Apps as well. Sharing a downloaded app from one device to another through SHAREit helps the users in saving the data also. Now any app you find on your friend’s phone can be transferred to your phone with the help of the SHAREit App.

Along with these major features, you can find a lot of other ways in which the SHAREit App becomes unique among the file sharing apps. Support of the older version of the Android devices starting from Android v2.2 is a noticeable feature of the SHAREit APK for Android. Support for the maximum platforms is another feature of the SHAREit App that requires some special mentioning. It should also be noted that the SHAREit App does not require any internet connection to share the files between the user devices. It only requires the user devices to be in a particular range to share the files. This can help the users in saving their mobile data compared to the apps like WhatsApp.

Download SHAREit For Android

SHAREit for Android download is quite an easy process if you already have a Google Play Store Account that helps in your App requirements. Being a legitimate app for the Android users, SHAREit is available for the users to download from the Google Play Store. Users who are searching for the SHAREit for Android Free Download can open the Play Store App in their smartphones and search for the SHAREit App. This will provide you with the search result which includes this amazing app. You can select and install this app in your smartphones without any issue. This will open the interesting World of file sharing for you and that too for free. SHAREit v3.9.28 is the latest version of this app available for download and the Play Store shows more than 100 Million downloads of this App. The 4.6-star rating provided by those users proves how effectively this app is serving them.

SHAREit Free Download for iPhone and iPad

Apple users can download SHAREit for iPhone from the inbuilt app store of their devices that is the iTunes Store. The latest version available for the Apple users is the v2.6.48 and this is can be downloaded free of cost by the users. If you are ready with your Apple device for the installation of SHAREit, open the iTunes Store. Now type “SHAREit for iPhone Download” and click enter. From the search result, select the right app and install it on your iPhone. Now you are all set to share any files with your friends at very high transfer speeds.

SHAREit for PC Download

The strongest and the most amazing feature of the SHAREit App is its ability to work in the MAC and Windows PC. Unlike the other Android apps that work on the PCs with the help of Android emulators, the SHAREit for Windows PC has a dedicated desktop version of this App. The enjoyment of this app reaches new height with this desktop version. This App eliminates the requirement to connect the smartphones with PCs through USB cable to share files between them. The process has become a lot more easy for the users now. Users who like to download SHAREit for PC can follow the below simple steps and successfully install it on their PCs.

The official website of the SHAREit App provides the free download of SHAREit APK for PC. Users can find the APK file for both the MAC and Windows version there. If you are a Windows PC user, click on the Windows Tab provided on the home page of the SHAREit website. This will download the SHAREit installation file to your computer. Now open the folder where your downloaded files are getting saved and find the SHAREit Installation file. Double click on the file and it will give you the option to install SHAREit for PC. Continue the installation process and once it is finished you can start using the SHAREit App for PC.


While thinking about a file sharing app, the major concern that arises in the mind of the users is the speed at which they can transfer the files. The SHAREit App download displays the highest positive feature in this section. The existing users of this app had given the best reviews on it which give other confidence to have a try on it. Easy availability and user-friendly interface are also making this app more popular among people of different geographical areas. With a combination of such extremely good features, it is found that the users who are searching for options to Download SHAREit APK are increasing every day. It is supposed that with the next few years, this app will reach in such a position that it is impossible for any other app to compete with it.

There are a lot of reasons why we recommend our users to Install SHAREit App for Android and other devices. The support of this app in file transfer between devices working on multiple platforms helps the users in easy migration from an existing device to a new device. It is not easy to share the exact experience of a user who is having this app on his PC or smartphones. Only an installation of this app can make you realize how good a companion this app is for your device. So, don’t wait for anything else and get the SHAREit App Install by now itself and enjoy a new world of File Sharing.