Share Internet Connection Between Android Devices

It seems like the entire World is now moving around the word “Sharing”. It is not possible for us to now pass a single day without hearing this word. The Social networking media is the main reason behind its popularity. It is also the file sharing apps like Zapya that has provided a lot of pace to this. But today we are discussing another sharing option that is very helpful for users at situations when they want to use internet connections available from other’s smartphones. Among the multiple options available for this the easiest one is with the help of the Wi-Fi Hotspot. Check the below simple steps for sharing the Internet connection of your Android smartphone with any other phones having a Wi-Fi option.

  • Go to the Settings options of your Android smartphone.
  • Move towards the more option and then to the Tethering & Hotspot option.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi Hotspot Option available there. This will make your smartphone work as a Wi-Fi modem that shares the internet connection of your smartphone with others.
  • Now go to Settings of the other smartphone where you want to use the internet.
  • Switch On the Wi-Fi option on the phone and search for the available Wi-Fi networks.
  • From the listed networks select the one that shows the name of the other Android smartphone.
  • You will be asked to enter the password that you have set in the first device. Entering this password correctly will get it connected to the first device.
  • It is always recommended to share your internet connection with a person that you know well. Also, make sure to turn off the hotspot once the other user’s requirement is over. Otherwise, there are chances that some unknown person will try to intrude to your device. It can also result in getting the power backup of your phone drained very quickly.

Features of Zapya – The Best File Sharing App

Among the many file sharing apps available for the smartphones, the Zapya app is found to be one of the most popular among the users with some extremely good features. One of the major features of the Zapya app which is the main reason for its popularity is the support for multiple platforms. Unlike most of its competitors, the Zapya App is found to be supporting all the different platforms like Apple, Android & Windows. This makes it easy for the users who want to use a single file sharing app for all their devices. The Zapya is even capable of sharing files between devices working on different platforms. It also supports file sharing between different categories of devices also. For example, with the help of the Zapya App users can share files between their smartphones and personal computers.

Phone replication is another feature of the Zapya that helps the users to transfer all the existing files from their old devices to the new ones. The transfer speed is found to be quite good in this app. Comparing to the speed of the conventional Bluetooth connections, the speed is observed to be approximately 200 times higher. Zapya also provides an option for users who want to share files with multiple people at a time. It is the group sharing feature of this app that supports in this task. Users can share files to a maximum of 4 people at a time. This really will help in saving a lot of time for the users. Even if it includes a lot of good features, the Zapya app does not want the users to pay anything to download it from the concerned app stores. This feature also helps the users to select the Zapya apk as their file sharing app in their laptops and smartphones.

Bluetooth Vs File Sharing Apps?

Do you remember the “ancient” times when we used the Bluetooth and Infrared features in our phone to transfer the data between our devices? The major drawback of those features is the time taken for the data transfers. Users were required to wait for hours if they want to send a file with a heavy file size. This was the toughest situation for the people at that time and most of them tried for alternative ways. They preferred copying the files to their personal computers and then transferring it to the second device. It is found that even if a little bit hard work is required for this process but still they can complete the process in a much faster way.

Understanding these issues faced by the users, some developers tried to bring an alternative option for this in the form an application. File sharing apps like Zapya for pc are developed as a result of this. It was found that since the time these apps were released people have almost stopped using the Bluetooth and IR for this purpose. It is the high-speed data transfer that is the major attraction of such application. Even a 1 GB file can be transferred from a device to another within 2-3 minutes. They have also developed the versions of these apps that are compatible with the computers also. Hence the data transfer between the mobile phones and the computers have also become very easy.You can download zapya apk free from our homepage.

The basic feature used by most of such apps is the Wi-Fi of the smartphones or the laptops. As it supports faster data transfer speeds, the requirement to wait for a long time to get the file transferred is eliminated. Now even the applications installed in a phone can be transferred to the other using such apps. Apart from its basic functions, the file sharing apps also make sure to provide the users with a lot of other features as well.