Zapya Free Download For Pc Windows 10/7/8/8.1 | Zapya for Android and iOs

Zapya for Pc:The requirement of people to share their files with others is seen to be increasing heavily in the last few years. Mobile phones had played a vital role in this development as most of these files are now transferred with the help of those devices only. This resulted in the development of a lot of file sharing apps for the smartphones among which the Zapya app is one of the best apps with multiplatform support. The amazingly increasing customer database of the Zapya makes it clear that the app is performing even above the expectations of the users. Let us check what are the features of the Zapya for pc and zapya for android which helped this app to be get counted in the list of best file sharing apps.

Features of Zapya

zapya for pc
While installing a file sharing app, what all are the expectations of the users? For me, it is the speed of the sharing that matters a lot. For some others, the option to share files between different type of devices will be a great feature. Some other users want to share their files with multiple people at a time. So, is the Zapya app capable of performing all these tasks? Let us go through some of the major features of the Zapya App. Once finished reading this, you might probably receive the answer for this question. Also, you might be confirmed about the installation of this app on your devices as well.

1. Speed of File Transfer

The maximum speed of file transfer observed through the Zapya App is 10 Mbps. It means for transferring a file of 1 GB size, the time required will be 100 seconds only. Comparing this with the speed of the conventional Bluetooth transfers, this can be considered as more than enough for the users. This helps the users to transfer heavy sized files like movies or games to other devices within a few minutes. This is one of the strongest feature of the Zapya app.

2. Support for Multiple Platforms

Another noticeable feature of the Zapya app is its ability to work in all the most common smartphone platforms like Android, Apple & Windows. It is also found to be available with a desktop version as well. This provides the users with a single option for all their file sharing requirements. It is also important to find that the Zapya app provides file transfer between devices that works on different platforms. With this app, you can share files between an Apple & an Android device or an Android device and computers. The file transfer is possible between any of the above-said devices in your required way. This makes the Zapya app stronger in its performance.

3. Group Sharing

If you are in a group of people and want to share a file with all of them at a time then also Zapya can be of good help for you. It supports group sharing with up to 4 people. This, in turn, can reduce the extra time required to share those files individually with each of them. Moreover, the Zapya app eliminates the requirement of mobile data required to share the files with your friends as the file sharing is completely independent of any type of data connection. Zapya also supports remote handling of your friend’s mobile camera from your phone, provided your friend allows the same through Zapya.

4. Helps to Replicate Your Phones

Users who purchase a new smartphone always finds it difficult to transfer all their files from their old devices to the new one. Zapya app is found to be very much useful in this situation as well. This feature helps the users to transfer not only their media files to the new devices but also the contacts, messages and even apps as well. A lot of users are seen to quote this feature as the highlight of the Zapya. This phone replication is possible between phones working on different platforms also. This is found to be more helpful for the iPhone users who normally face difficulties in migrating from or to other platforms of smartphones.
These are only the major features of the Zapya. Apart from this, it includes a lot of other features like offline chat, sharing by scanning through QR code from another device etc.

Zapya For PC Download For Windows 7/8/8.1/10/xp


As said earlier, the Zapya app is available for free download across multiple platforms. Users having Android, Apple or Windows Devices can easily download the Zapya for all these devices. The steps for Zapya APK download varies for each device. But here we will discuss in detail about the installation process on each device so that you can do it without any issues.

The last and final option that the users will like to do with the Zapya Installation is on their Windows-based PCs. Users who are looking for steps to Zapya for Windows 10 PC can find two different options for the same. One is the traditional way of running the Android apps in Windows PC with the help of an Android emulator. For this, users can try the BlueStacks Android Emulator which is the most popular emulator among the users throughout the World. For users who already installed any Android emulator, they can simply follow the process mentioned above for Android smartphones to install the Zapya app on their Windows computers. If your PC does not include an Android emulator, we recommend you follow the second option which is mentioned below.

Users can download the Zapya for Windows 10 PC from the official website of the Zapya. The file is available for free download from this website. Once the file is downloaded to the PC, users can easily install it by double clicking on the downloaded file.

Below are the steps to Download Zapya On your computer or Laptop

Step 1:

Download Bluestacks or any other android emulator on your computer or laptop

Step 2: 

Open Bluestacks and launch Google Play store in it

Step 3:

Login into Play Store with your google account and search for zapya file transfer app

zapya download

Step 4: 

Install zapya and now You will be able to transfer files using zapya for pc.

Download Zapya for Android

As the largest number of Zapya users are found to be with the Android devices, let us start with the steps for Zapya APK download in Android smartphones and other Android devices. The Zapya APK is available for the Android users to download from the Google Play Store and many other third party stores as well. However, we recommend the users to download it from the Google Play Store itself. The third-party stores are supposed to be used to download the application that comes as a premium or paid app in the Google Play Store. Users can download such apps for free from third party stores. But for apps that are available for free download in Play Store, there is no purpose in going ahead with any other stores.

Users can easily open the Google Play Store app on their Android devices and search for the Zapya App. From the available search results, select the right Zapya App and click install. The file will now get downloaded and installed in the Android devices without any issue, provided a continuous network connectivity. Once the Zapya APK download and installation is finished, users can then turn off their data connectivity and start using the app for sharing their files with others. For easy access, a shortcut of this app can be created in the home scree of the Android devices.

Zapya APK Download for iOs

The steps for Zapya free download will remain same for all the Apple devices, either it is a smartphone or an iPad. Like the Zapya for Android, the Zapya for iPhones is also observed to be available free of cost. Users who likes to download this app can visit the iTunes Store from their device and can search for the Zapya App. You will be provided with a search result that includes the Zapya App. Simply click and install this app to your iPhones or iPads and start enjoying it. The iOS versions starting from iOS 7 can support the Zapya. As almost all the Apple devices available in the market now are having an iOS version 7 or above, you may not face any compatibility issues.

Zapya Free Download for Windows Mobile

The Zapya app has not disappointed even the Windows mobile phone users. Users can find a free version of the Zapya APK download from the Windows Store. The only thing that users should be aware of is that the Windows 10 Operating System is necessary if you want to run this application on a Windows smartphone. So, be sure to upgrade yourself to this OS before trying with the installation of the Zapya for Windows mobiles.




Conclusion: –

Among the many file sharing apps available for the smartphones, the Zapya For pc is found to be the one with the most user-friendly features. Along with the support to almost all the different platforms of smartphones, this app can work well even in your computers as well. This eliminates the requirement of multiple apps for smartphones and computers. The cross-platform support of the Zapya app is another feature that requires special mentioning. With the presence of all these good features the Zapya can be considered by the users as their best companion for file sharing.

You can watch the following video to know about features and installation of zapya application